Our Company

Al Qabass philosophy is clear – to provide its customers with targeted solutions that meet industry needs. That philosophy was born almost 10 years ago, when Al Qabass revolutionized the market by introducing new technology.

Al Qabass continues to refine and extend that technology today by providing industry-specific solutions that streamline a company’s daily operations. Our commitment to the Engineering Offices, IT Departments, Governmental agencies and Photocopying services is to provide a second to none service and implement highest performance technology available so customers have easy access to latest technology with ease of use. Because all above services that Al Qabass provides are under increasing pressure to improve customer service and manage the bottom line, many companies may already have a service provider that can satisfy their needs. The business case for such a situation has already been made – an enterprise service provider increases production and access, and eliminates the inefficient islands of automation common to yesterday’s situation.

As a technology master, Al Qabass is convinced that our customers can achieve an even higher return on their needs' investment.In keeping with the philosophy to meet industry needs, Al Qabass has expanded its enterprise services by combining core competencies – Engineering drawings, IT Solutions (Hardware and Software), GIS and CAD plotting and printing and photocopying. This combination can benefit the customers by providing them with fast emergency response, more efficient service, and well-informed customer service personnel.

Widely recognized as an industry leader in service providing, Al Qabass is proud to have successfully implemented its services for more than 200 customers in Beirut and its suburbs. Al Qabass newly introduced services – Plotting large format drawings/posters is the first of its kind to combine full-function Engineering Drawings (GIS and CAD) and artistic drawings up to 60" at a resolution of 1200 dpi. This, together with the introduction of scanning and vectorization of engineering drawings application provides a tightly integrated workflow that supports the business processes associated with Engineering.